The MadeinSpace shoe offer a completely innovative vision of walking, in order to claim your freedom. It will respect your state of mind and your social environment, an idea that was borne from Craftsman Shoe Specialist, a "shoelogist".

The MadeinSpace shoe flaunt a completely unique and innovative vision of walking, with a multifaceted and chameleonic charisma, allowing a dynamic, practical and contemporary woman have many options to face all stimuli that are applied to her lifestyle. State of mind, social/professional environment, Weather or only because you wanted so.

In nowadays, we can wake up in Porto and sleep in Paris, after work we go directly relax with friends, and we are allow to change whatever we feel like. MadeinSpace adapt itself to this way of life, your way of life, never losing aesthetic, comfort and welfare.

With a sole trough a Zip, we change from a boot to a ballerina or vise-versa in seconds.

Portuguese Patented System 

Our Commitments

Trendy – Our Shoes are made with love, flaunt and high aesthetic.

Confort - Symbolically and historically, the shoe has as purpose to keep the man in contact to the ground. MadeinSpace allows an almost total isolation, through of the absorver/sensor in its interior, eliminating many effect caused by the static energy. Try it, you will see!

Practical- You already wonder that you can use a ballerina, and have a pair of boots and snickers on your purse, without any unpleasant feeling caused by weight or lack of space, allowing you to change your shoes in seconds. 

Modularity – After your first MadeinSpace purchase, all the next purchases will perfectly fit your sole. It will be like “dressing” your sole.